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So who is the dinosaur crew and do WE really have dinosaurs?

Dinosaur Crew is a fun educational program for kids of all ages and is the brainchild of Memphis Magician Magic Mr. Nick with a great cast of professional performers and puppeteers.


This brings me to my next point, it’s important to remember these are just puppets and puppet costume hybrids.  Kids of all ages love dinosaurs and are fascinated with our lifelike prehistoric pals.  It’s easy to forget that they aren’t real. Each one was made by people in and around the special effects industry.


I know you didn’t ask but we try really hard to present our puppets in a realistic but honest manner.  Depending on the age group we start every show with the disclaimer that they look real but are not and remind the kids the best way to experience animals that are extinct is through books and of course, our imagination.  

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